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Whether you need a simple server or an entire IT package, Atomic Data will assign a team of experts to assess your current IT climate and recommend the right products and services. But first, we dive head first into your business to learn everything we can about who you are, where you've been, and where you're going. Only then can we put together a customized IT package. Not Package A or Package B, but Package (insert your company name here), which is custom tailored for you by a team of experts, specialized in your vertical.

IT is not a destination. It's a voyage.

Assessments & Architecture

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Orange Book

Our Orange Book is a comprehensive inventory and analysis of your existing technology. We take those results and work with you to create a strategic roadmap for the future of your Information Technology. Our expert recommendations and extremely detailed deliverables will help you avoid pitfalls on your IT journey.

Cloud Assessments & Strategy

Navigating the clouds can be a challenge but, our engineers can show you the way. Whether you’re thinking about getting into cloud computing or are already there and need some guidance—we’ll define your cloud objectives, outline your current situation, and provide next steps to reach your cloud goals.


Every organization is unique—so why accept a bland, mass produced solution for your network? Our architects will design a custom infrastructure that works for your business. We’re here to help you uncover your needs and diagram both logical and fiscal elements of your infrastructure to ensure your network is safe, simple, and smart.

AI Automation

Everyone needs a guiding hand once in a while. If your IT journey has taken a detour and you’re not sure your organization has the knowledge base to make the right call—help is here. The vCIO will form to fit any organization’s needs, align your business goals and IT strategy, and make IT serve the needs of your business.

Security & Compliance

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Security Operations Center (SOC)
Security Operations Center (SOC)

Our SOC is a 24x7x365 monitored security information and event management service. SOC Technicians are alert at all times reviewing logs, vulnerability scans, and monitoring network traffic—ensuring your infrastructure and your business are safe from harm. We have a level of SOC coverage to fit any business and save you money compared to hiring your own full-time security experts.

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IT Security as a Service
IT Security as a Service

You don’t want to piecemeal your IT security—picking up bits and pieces of security offerings. That’s how things slip through the cracks. Our IT Security as a Service is an all-encompassing solution: analysis, scanning, patching, policies, consulting, training, IPS & firewall management, and two-factor authentication. We take care of keeping your business safe, so you can focus on making your business a success.


ResourcesImageQuick Guide: IT Security for the C-Suite

Security Compliance
Security Awareness
Security Awareness

Does your staff need a security tune-up? Our Security Awareness Consulting will help you reduce human error by training your company on a wide array of security principles. Our security experts will explain security best practices, mobile device and emailing handling, ID/password management, and social engineering/phishing awareness. An educated workforce has the capacity to protect themselves and your company.


ResourcesImageQuick Guide: Phishing Awareness

Pre and Post Audit Support
Pre/Post Audit Support
Pre/Post Audit Support

If your business is subject to any regulatory governance—like HIPAA, or PCI standards—then you’re also subject to audits. We can help improve your policies, procedures, and controls, and assess the current state of your compliance and address any issues we find. We’ll help you prepare for audits, help answer questions about auditor questionnaires, then offer advice and recommendations on post-audit findings.

24x7 Support & Monitoring

Support Monitoring
Atomic Monitoring Solution

Not all monitoring systems are created equal. That’s why we’ve taken the best open source visualization, reporting, database, and service check platforms and custom-built our Atomic Monitoring Solution (AMS). Our design cuts down on monitoring “noise” to better focus on preventing IT disasters. AMS is designed from the ground up to be flexible, available, user friendly, and all-encompassing.

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Network Operations Center

Our 24x7x365, Minnesota-based NOC is a call, email, or client portal ticket away at any time. From triage and troubleshooting, escalation to industry-certified resources, and resolution—your network issues will be in good hands. We’ll use the monitoring tools you have in place, or our own cutting-edge monitoring platform to maintain the availability of your infrastructure all day, every day.

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Service Desk

Every minute your workforce is halted by application or hardware issues equates to lost revenue and opportunities. Our Minnesota-based Service Desk is standing by 24x7x365 to provide expert support to get your employees back to work. Our experienced Service Desk technicians can remotely support a multitude of hardware and software products using advanced remote management tools.

There when you need us.

On-Site Support – Is your internal IT team struggling to keep up with the latest tech, or your offices workload? Our Microsoft-certified engineers will enable you to augment or eliminate your IT resources. On-Site engineers get to know your business to become an expert extension of your staff through scheduled and emergency visits, project work, planned maintenance, software and hardware upgrades, repairs and deployments, and more.

Embedded Support – A highly customizable extension of On-Site support designed to provide consistent, yet lower-cost technical expertise in the form of a dedicated, in-office technician without the added administrative burden. They will be your first line of defense for all end user and simple infrastructure issues. Embedded techs provide the added benefit of issue escalation to Atomic Data’s industry-certified engineers.

Call Center

Server and Workstation Management

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Lifecycle Management

Maximize the life of your IT investments without sacrificing performance, compliance, or security. With Atomic Data’s Workstation Lifecycle Management Services, you’ll get inventory management, deployment, patching, remote maintenance, and more. We use industry best-practices to determine what hardware you need, and when—then we’ll procure, image, deploy, maintain, and, eventually, properly dispose of your hardware.

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Patch Management

Unpatched systems are a massive security risk. Essentially, they’re an invitation for malicious entities to use known exploits to steal your data and harm your business. Our Patch Management is an automated, lightweight client-based service that ensures your Microsoft and Linux servers are always running the latest security and functionality updates.

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Our Antivirus service keeps servers and workstations secure and protected from malicious emails, websites, and programs/files on the device. Our lightweight antivirus client can be embedded into Windows servers and workstations through Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA). This gives our engineers and technicians the ability to manage a full networks worth of devices with a few mouse clicks.


Enterprise Networking

Our Enterprise Networking services are the perfect solution for your large venue, public space, multi-site offices, and more. We’ll design, build, manage, monitor, and support large and medium scale public-facing networks. Your patrons and employees will stay connected with powerful, secure networks with 24x7x365 support from our live and local NOC.

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Private Connectivity

We make connectivity simple. Our Private Connectivity services take away your need to deal with Internet Service Providers, while keeping you connected and maintaining the safety and security of your internal networks. Circuits, direct internet access, MPLS, cross connects—our relationships with telecoms ensure that you have internet access at all times.

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Office Moves & Additions

Everybody needs a hand when they’re moving. But when you’re moving offices and hundreds of people and workstations, the task gets even trickier. Let our engineers and technicians design, plan, and execute your office move. Phones, monitors, workstations moved and setup so that when you get to the new office everything works as it should.

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Data Center Services

Our geographically redundant data centers provide the scalable infrastructure your growing business needs. Utilize our SOC 3® attested data center for colocation services, managed firewall, load balancing, VPN, and more. This service removes the routine management and monitoring burdens from your business and places them in our expert hands.

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Your equipment is mission critical. Don’t trust its procurement to non-authorized sellers. Unauthorized sales channels are not guaranteed by manufacturers, and may include second-hand, third-party, or counterfeit products. We’ll make sure you get the quality appliances you need, and work with vendors to ensure your warranty and support contracts work for you.

ResourcesImageQuick Guide: Purchasing Authentic Hardware

Business Continuity

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Disaster Recovery Planning & Playbooks

Sooner or later your business will experience a disaster, natural or man-made. What do you do then? You need a plan—our architects and engineers will create custom DR plans and playbooks for your business to follow in the event of a disaster. They’ll provide you with a way forward in your time of need.

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Business Continuity Center

This service provides you with a rapid response location that will allow you to maintain business continuity when your office goes offline. We offer shared and dedicated spaces in our highly connected and managed BCC, giving you a place to work with as little as one hour notice. Connectivity, monitors, workstations, phones, all the office essentials down to the snacks—ready when you need it.

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Let us handle disaster recovery for you. Our architects and engineers will design and build you a custom backup infrastructure with enterprise-grade solutions like Veeam and NetApp to fit your business needs. We can prepare you with a high-availability solution, and when disaster strikes we can bring you back to operational in a matter of minutes.

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Endpoint Backup

Backup from anywhere with our Endpoint Backup solutions. All you need is an internet connection to take advantage of automated, encrypted, lightweight workstation backups. Data backs up to our secure data centers monitored 24x7x365 by our NOC. We’ll alert you of failed backups and work to resolve any issues so that your data is always protected.

Software Development

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Line of Business
Line of Business

Can’t find the right software solution for your business? Our skilled software developers will create web-based or full client applications to suit your needs. They use .NET and PHP frameworks to create new custom software, or rewrite and support existing software that you already have in place.

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Using the latest and most popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Umbraco, our developers can build new, custom web sites and web services, or support existing sites. With a custom back-end developed by our software team, we can incorporate your design, or work with designers to bring your vision to life.

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Help create and foster collaboration within your organization with a custom SharePoint site. Microsoft SharePoint acts as a safe storage for company knowledge, accessible from anywhere. Our SharePoint services run from Architecture and Design, custom workflows, full custom build-outs, and upgrades to existing SharePoint designs.

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Database & Reporting
Database & Reporting

Where and how you store and retrieve your business critical data is crucial to the success of your applications. Our services provide you with custom database designs, optimization, and database administration. Our Microsoft SQL experts can also write custom reports based on your applications, websites, or databases—providing you with all-encompassing database services.



VoIP systems can be a hassle, but they’re still necessary to connect businesses internally and externally. Let us relieve that stress by creating a comprehensive voice solution with Mitel products. We’ll provide a hosted VoIP solution from our secure, 24x7x365 monitored data center and take care of the phones, switches, licensing, and setup. All you have to do is get calling.

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