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Whether you need a simple server or an entire IT as a Service package, Atomic Data will assign a team of experts to assess your current IT climate and recommend the right products and services. But first, we dive into your business to learn everything we can about who you are, where you've been, and where you're going. Only then can we put together a customized IT package. Not Package A or Package B, but Package (insert your company name here), custom tailored for you by a team of experts.

IT is not a destination. It's a voyage.

Assessments & Architecture

Atomic Data Orange Book
Atomic Data Tech Assessment

The Atomic Data Technology Assessment is a comprehensive inventory and analysis of your existing technology. We take those results and work with you to create a strategic digital transformation roadmap for the future of your Information Technology. Our expert recommendations and detailed deliverables will help you avoid pitfalls on your IT journey, budget for upcoming projects, and position your business for the future.

Cloud Assessments & Strategy

Navigating the clouds can be a challenge, but our engineers can show you the (cost effective) way. Whether you’re evaluating public, private, or hybrid cloud options or are already there and need to rightsize—we’ll define your cloud objectives, outline your current situation, and provide next steps to reach your cloud goals.


Every organization is unique—so why accept a bland, mass produced solution for your network and systems? Our architects will design a custom infrastructure that works for your business while taking into account your past investments and future priorities. We’re here to help you uncover your IT needs through systems review, mentoring, discovery, and detailed documentation including both logical and physical diagraming.

Virtual CIO Consulting

It’s no longer simply about keeping the lights on. Your clients, employees, and competition are demanding digital transformation at a breakneck pace. The Atomic Data Virtual CIO (vCIO) will put roadmaps, budgets, and strategy behind your transformation. You’ll get in-depth discovery, professional guidance, strategic IT planning, impact analysis, risk management, documentation, budgeting, and more. 

Security & Compliance

Network & Security Operations Center
Security Operations Center (SOC)
Security Operations Center (SOC)

SOC Technicians are up 24×7 reviewing your logs, scans, network traffic, and more – performing digital forensics on a variety of potential precursors to past and future attacks or even breaches. We’ll dig into:


  • Intrusion attempts
  • Unauthorized traffic
  • Malware/virus infections
  • Vulnerability scan reports

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IT as a Service Icon
Managed IT Security as a Service
Managed IT Security as a Service

Proper IT cybersecurity requires a comprehensive approach, not a bolt-on one. Harden your company infrastructure and cut your risk in one fell swoop with IT Security as a Service from Atomic Data.


  • Customized for your business
  • A single package to harden your servers, endpoints, network gear, apps, and employees
  • Month to month contracts and 24×7 live support

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Phishing Awareness
Security Awareness Training
Security Awareness Training

An educated workforce is your best defense against today’s security threats. Security Awareness Training will help you cut human error by training your people on a wide array of security principles. Our experts will detail security best practices, mobile device handling, credential management, and social engineering/phishing awareness.


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Pre and Post Audit Support
Pre/Post Audit Support
Pre/Post Audit Support

Prepare for impending audits, insurance questionnaires, & evaluations, plus post-audit planning and remediation. Whether it’s HIPAA or PCI, client mandated or governing body, we know audits can be daunting affairsWe’ll help improve your policies, procedures, and controls, and assess the current state of your governance then address any issues we find.


URL or LinkLink: Getting Cyber Insurance Responses to ‘Yes’

IT Policy Advisory
IT Policy Advisory

There’s nothing quite like a crisis to shine a light on what’s missing from your policy library. As COVID-related restrictions began, many businesses scrambled to create or update policies on BYOD, Remote Access, Telecommuting, Acceptable Use, and more. Instead of being frantic, be proactive with Atomic Data’s Policy Advisory and Development services.

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Vulnerability Management
Vulnerability Management

Gone are the days of infrequent vulnerability scans and assessments of your network. True cybersecurity requires a consistent, programmatic approach. Vulnerability Management brings continual identification, evaluation, reporting, and remediation of your company’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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Microsoft 365, Zoom, & Voice

Microsoft 365®

Reimagine the way you work with Microsoft 365 (fka Office 365) and Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange Online, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InTune, Azure Active Directory (AD), and more.


  • Get work done and stay connected whether you’re working remotely or onsite
  • Cut costs and streamline IT setup and management with a single productivity solution
  • Help safeguard business data with built-in security features
  • Professional Services support for implementation, migration, integration, security hardening, and ongoing management
  • 24×7 Client Support for your end-users

It’s a verb for a reason. Zoom has made video conferencing and hybrid/remote work simple, affordable, and immensely scalable. Our experts will get you setup with:


  • License assessments and procurement
  • Application deployment and patching
  • Exchange integration, single sign-on, configuration management
  • Zoom Rooms conference room design, deployment, and management
  • Zoom Voice and Zoom Webinars support


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Voice over IP (VoIP) systems can be a hassle, but they’re a necessary part of many businesses. Let us relieve that hassle by creating a comprehensive voice solution powered by Microsoft, Zoom, or Mitel.

24x7 Support & Monitoring

Atomic Monitoring
Atomic Monitoring™

Atomic Monitoring is an IT administrator’s best friend. From simple up/down checks for less critical devices to advanced synthetic checks for your client-facing web applications, Atomic Monitoring provides the uptime (and sleep) you deserve. Designed to meet every use case and budget, Atomic Monitoring offers complete infrastructure insight paired with always-on incident response.


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Network & Security Operations Center
Network & Security Operations Center (NSOC)

Our 24x7x365, Minnesota-based NSOC is your ticket to more restful nights. We’ll customize an incident response plan, ranging from ticketing, escalation to your resources or ours, all the way to truck-roll and issue resolution. Plus it’s all backed by robust SLAs, a deep bench of subject matter expertise, and enterprise-grade tools.


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Client Support
Client Support

Every minute your workforce is halted by application or hardware issues equates to lost revenue and opportunities. Our Minnesota-based Client Support team is available 24x7x365 to provide expert support to get your employees or clients back to work. We’ll work with you to define the engagement level, schedules, escalation procedures, and runbooks.

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NSOC Engagement Options
Ticketing – An incident ticket is created from Atomic Monitoring alerts, user reports, EDR systems, and other sources. Technicians then notify and/or escalate, depending on client runbooks and other factors.
Incident Triage – Technicians perform further incident analysis, determine scope, evaluate dependent systems, perform routine troubleshooting according to client runbooks, and work towards incident resolution.
Resolution – The incident is escalated to subject matter experts according to client runbooks, a War Room is opened if high-severity, and resources work diligently to solve the incident and close the ticket.
Client Support Options
Managed Client Support – For those with high touch service needs, optional Managed Client Support provides expedited contact methods to a pre-assigned Client Support Technician.
Co-Managed Client Support – We’ll define shared workflows and escalate tickets back to your staff depending on issue type, time of day, and other variables.
On-Site Client Support Scheduled, project-based, or emergency break-fix visits to your office location(s) to give your users desk-side white glove service.

Server & Workstation Management

Patch Management Icon
Patch Management

Unpatched systems are a massive vulnerability. Bugs, vulnerabilities, and backdoors are constantly being discovered and patched. Though daunting, keeping up is a basic compliance requirement. Atomic Data Patch Management is an automated service that ensures your endpoint operating systems and third-party applications are always running the latest and most secure versions.


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Lifecycle Management

Maximize your IT investments without sacrificing performance or security. With Atomic Data’s Workstation Lifecycle Management Services, you’ll get inventory management, deployment, patching, remote maintenance, and more. We use industry best-practices to determine what hardware you need, and when—then we’ll procure, image, deploy, maintain, and when required, securely dispose of your hardware.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Fileless malware, zero-day exploits, and a cyberweapon arms race means traditional antivirus can no longer keep up. With each endpoint a potential open door to bad actors and the sheer number under management skyrocketing, an integrated and layered approach to endpoint protection is required. Choose between Bitdefender or CrowdStrike Falcon EDR, two modern and globally recognized tools to lock down your endpoints and keep up in the arms race.

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Enterprise Networking
Enterprise Networking

The end-to-end solution for any size network. We’ll design, build, manage, monitor, and operate large and medium scale private and public-facing networks. Your patrons, vendors, and employees will stay connected with powerful, secure networks. Plus we’ll provide boots on the ground for events, 24x7x365 remote support, and the Game Day Dashboard®.

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Private Connectivity Icon
Connectivity & WAN

Our Private Connectivity services take away your need to deal with Internet Service Providers, while keeping your business connected and maintaining the availability and security of your internal networks. We offer metro ethernet, Private MPLS routing, Traditional TDM, Wave Division Multiplexing, Direct Internet Access, Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) and traditional WAN Architecture, Quality of Service (QoS), BGP Peering, VPN tunneling, and much more.


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Office Moves Icon
Office Moves & Additions

Changing locations? Adding a new site? Reducing your square footage? The routers, switches, UPS’, circuits, servers, and workstations in your data center demand expert movers with a methodical transition plan. Let our engineers design, plan, and execute your office move or expansion. The entire network, from routers to phones, servers to workstations, all moved and setup in a smooth, pre-planned manner to minimize disruption and cut down on day one support.


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Data Center Services Icon
Data Center Services

Utilize our SOC 2 Type II data centers for colocation services, managed firewall, load balancing, VPN, and more. With locations around the globe and plentiful power and network capacity, we can provide:


  • Shared and full rack/cage colocation
  • Virtual next-gen firewall services (VPN, IPS)
  • Virtual load balancing (F5-VIPRION)
  • Peering and cross connects


ResourcesImage Info Sheet: Data Center Facility Specs

Hardware Icon

Your equipment is mission critical. Don’t trust its procurement to non-authorized sellers. Unauthorized sales channels are not guaranteed by manufacturers, and may include second-hand, third-party, or counterfeit products. We’ll make sure you get the quality appliances you need, and work with vendors to maintain and manage your warranty and support renewals.


ResourcesImage Quick Guide: Purchasing Authentic Hardware

Business Continuity

DR Planning Icon
Disaster Recovery Playbooks & Testing

Sooner or later your business will experience a disaster, natural or man-made. What do you do then? You need a (tested) plan—our architects and engineers will create custom disaster recovery plans and playbooks for your business to follow in the event of a disaster. They’ll provide you with a way forward when you need it most. Then we’ll perform annual tabletop exercises and disaster recovery drills to put your plans to the test.


Atomic Data Black Box
Server Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Modernize your data protection with Atomic Data’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution. Server BaaS is your private cloud bucket in the sky, securely backing up SaaS, virtual, and physical workloads offsite.


  • Fully managed by Atomic Data
  • SOC 2 Type II attested data center storage
  • Recovery & replication for critical workloads
  • Advanced ransomware protection for your data
  • Encryption at rest

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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

When an event strikes, replicated virtual servers with your most current data are rapidly made available within our private cloud infrastructure. Employees and clients get back to work faster, limiting the total business cost.


  • Reduce risk from natural disasters, power outages, & cyberattacks
  • Fast & flexible failover of specific workloads or an entire site
  • Streamlined failback with zero data loss & minimal disruption to users
  • No management burden for your IT resources
  • Customized recovery objectives based on your unique needs

ResourcesImage Info Sheet: Disaster Recovery as a Service


Workstation Backup
Endpoint Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Secure your mobile workforce, cut down on user error, and prevent failure-related data loss with Endpoint Backup as a Service (BaaS). The secure and encrypted solution enables users to back up from anywhere and restore their own files, mitigating risk in a work-from-anywhere world.


  • 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit
  • Automated backups every 15 minutes
  • Multi-factor integration
  • Fully managed & hosted in the cloud
  • $10/month/endpoint with no limits

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Software & Database Development

Line of Business Icon
Line of Business
Line of Business

Can’t find the right software solution for your business? Or maybe you’ve got an existing home-baked solution that needs updating and integrating. Our skilled software developers will create web-based, full client applications, and custom API integrations to suit your needs. They leverage .NET and PHP frameworks to create new custom software, or rewrite and support existing software that you already have in place.

ResourcesImage Case Study: myHealthEZ Mobile App


Web Icon

Using the best and most stable content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, and Umbraco, our developers can build new, custom web sites (like this one!) and web services, or support existing sites. With a custom back-end developed by our software team, we can incorporate your design, or work with designers to bring your vision to life.


  • Website assessments & audits
  • Website security hardening
  • Website patch management & maintenance

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SharePoint Icon

Help create and foster collaboration within your organization with a custom SharePoint intranet site. Microsoft SharePoint acts as a safe storage for company knowledge, accessible from anywhere. Our SharePoint services, backed by 20 years of experience, run from Architecture and Design, custom workflows, SharePoint 2010/2013 migrations, full custom build-outs, and upgrades to existing SharePoint designs.


ResourcesImage Info Sheet: SharePoint Services

Database and Reporting Icon
Database & Reporting
Database & Reporting

Where and how you store and retrieve your business critical data is crucial to the success of your applications. Our services provide you with custom database designs, optimization, and care and feeding. Our SQL experts can also write custom reports, migrate aging databases, and mentor your database administrators.


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