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Cloud solutions.

Storing, managing, and processing your data in a virtual server—a cloud—has its perks. With access to the world's leading cloud platforms, we help you find the mix of cloud solutions that are right for you. Whether you choose a cloud that's public, private, a hybrid or a multi-cloud, you can scale up or down as your needs evolve. No matter which cloud you choose, always make security your top priority.

Private Cloud

Server Cloud
More Control, Less Time on Hold

The public cloud isn’t for everyone. For those that demand higher degrees of control and transparency, The Atomic Cloud is the solution. Highly secure, highly available, and backed by always live, always local support, The Atomic Cloud is a SOC 3® attested virtualization solution that you can trust.

Public Cloud

Public Cloud, Local Management

Don’t be tied down to on-premises infrastructure and all the management and maintenance that goes with it. Enjoy the freedom of on-demand, pay as you go virtual resources. Deploy and decommission virtual environments when you want in our safe and scalable platform. This transparency and control lets you take your Atomic Cloud into your own hands.

Multi-city Cloud

Backup & Isolate

For those that need their cloud infrastructure geographically isolated, we provide multi-city cloud solutions. This serves to meet data sovereignty requirements while satisfying the high performance needs of latency-sensitive applications. A multi-city cloud creates a high availability situation crucial for business continuity plans.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Icon
The Best of Both

Create the best of both worlds with a hybrid Atomic Cloud solution. This combines the secure storage of the private cloud and the scalability and compute resources of the public cloud. A hybrid cloud is an excellent choice for organizations with strict compliance needs and a desire to save time and money on infrastructure.

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