Atomic Data once again obtains SOC 3 certification

Minneapolis, MN – July, 2016 – Once again, Atomic Data, a local leader in the Data and Managed Services industry, has attained a SOC 3 certification. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) asserts the SOC 3 certification on Service Organizations whose managed infrastructure and IT services:

·      Protect information from authorized access, use, or modification

·      Are available for operation and use, as committed or agreed

·      Protect information designated as confidential, as committed or agreed

Atomic Data was recently audited by Wipfli LLP who deemed that the company met the above criteria. The SOC 3 certification is derived from testing and examination in a SOC 2® Type II audit.

Within the SOC 3 report prepared by Wipfli, auditors called out Atomic Data’s dedication to Human, Physical, and Logical Security Controls. Human security controls at Atomic Data starts with employees. After thorough vetting and annual background checks, employees are subject to strict non-disclosure agreements and are required to complete annual Security Awareness training. Physical security controls include 24x7 video surveillance and multi-factor access door controls that limit access to perimeter and internal corridors on an as-needed basis. Logical security controls include the Atomic Network Control Environment, which authenticates and authorizes administrative access to the company’s segmented network. Access is granted on a as-needed basis, depending on the user’s role. These, and many other criteria outlined in the report, assure business owners that their systems and data are in safe hands with Atomic Data.

“In prior years, our SOC attestation was limited to the critical data center and Atomic Cloud® operations,” said Yan Kravchenko, Chief Information Security Officer for Atomic Data. “This SOC includes every product and service we provide. Our standards have always been high, but we wanted to show our current and future clients our comprehensive understanding of their security needs. This year’s SOC audit and report are a testament to Atomic Data always pushing ourselves further for the benefit of our clients.”

As an early adopter of SOC reporting, this is the sixth consecutive year Atomic Data has achieved a SOC certification. The SOC 3 report offers insight into Atomic Data’s security and controls in an easily understandable format. For those interested in reviewing the specific details around these controls, an in-person review of the full SOC 2 report is available upon request.

In a market where data security is paramount, Atomic Data excels in the industry. To their clients, the SOC 3 certification indicates that Atomic Data has taken critical steps to ensure safety, security, and availability. The SOC 3 certification proves Atomic Data’s commitment to their Service Delivery Philosophy: Safe. Simple. Smart.

SOC 2 and SOC 3 are registered trademarks of the AICPA.

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