Why IT Matters

May 21, 2021 Scott Evangelist

If asked why information technology matters, most people would likely acknowledge that they can connect to Wi-Fi, search the internet, and get work done. But the importance of IT goes much deeper. For example, have you realized that IT saved lives and assisted struggling business owners amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?

With the advent of the internet and the smartphone, nearly everyone relies on the systems, software, and technologies working behind the scenes to provide a seamless and positive experience every day. But because people rely on IT every day, it can be easily taken for granted. Here are three critical aspects of IT you may not be noticing.

IT Improves Patient Outcomes

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, widespread panic impacted hospitals across the world. With equipment shortages and a heightened level of uncertainty, healthcare providers needed secure, highly available IT infrastructure more than ever — the kind of infrastructure that Atomic Data supplies.

Atomic Data enabled providers and insurers to better assist patients in 2020 and 2021 by providing customizable private cloud services, allowing healthcare professionals to manage patient data in a controlled, transparent, and secure environment. IT services like this continue to have a measurable impact in improving patient outcomes and decreasing the number of preventable deaths across the country.

Atomic Data takes the unique needs of the healthcare industry seriously, enabling 671,000+ medical technology shipments quarterly, keeping tens of thousands of Minnesotans insured, and helping Lifeworks Services continue to serve its thousands of clients remotely. Health providers, clinics, insurers, brokers, and manufacturers, including Medica, Fraser, Meridian Behavioral Health, Key Surgical, and PrairieCare trust and rely on Atomic for its IT expertise.1 With SOC 3® attestation and HIPAA compliance, these demanding entities can rest assured that their data is secure so they can focus on what they do best — caring for their patients and clients.

IT Protects Data

Criminals capitalize on catastrophic events. Since the beginning of the pandemic, phishing campaigns became more rampant, increasing by an overwhelming 600% margin.2 Additionally, cybersecurity threats are becoming more sophisticated, leaving many vulnerable and at risk. Fortunately, IT experts like the Security Operations Center (SOC) technicians at Atomic Data work 24×7 to give clients the peace of mind they deserve. Using LogRhythm SIEM and an impressive variety of digital forensics, SOC technicians aggregate data and continuously monitor a wide range of data sources across all environments. They employ threat detection and incident mitigation techniques across firewalls, servers, email gateways, wireless access points, workstations, and more.

Preventing security breaches remains paramount. A recent global survey of over 3,000 enterprises across 28 countries found backup reliability to be the greatest driver for change in 2021. They found that 91 percent of organizations increased their usage of cloud services, resulting in more backup failures and an increased pressure on companies to better secure their data.3 To combat these risks, Atomic Data has implemented solutions to back up clients’ Office 365 data, effectively countering security threats, retention policy gaps, and even accidental deletion.4 Additionally, Atomic Data provides SOC 3 attested cloud solutions to ensure the highest level of security for even the most advanced business needs.

IT Enables Digital Transformation

The landscape of IT has accelerated significantly over the last year. Where companies in North America once adopted digitization gradually, they are now digitizing their products and services at a rate 6 years ahead of the average rate of adoption from 2017 to 2019.5 Digital transformation has become the digital mandate. In a very real sense, companies must adapt to survive in a world of new buyer expectations — and IT enables that adaption.

Because companies were forced to respond to unprecedented COVID-19 changes almost overnight, we now know that technological adaption can occur much faster than previously thought. Increasing the use of advanced technologies in operations and business decision making, once expected to require hundreds of days, were implemented in less than a month. The same was true for migration of assets to the cloud. In the end, companies acted 20x to 25x faster than expected (McKinsey).

So, what does this mean for businesses going forward? It means a shifting of priorities. In Cisco’s 2021 Security Outcomes Study, researchers concluded that companies with modern technology solutions were better equipped to counter recent threats across every security outcome measured.6 Organizations that embrace digital solutions will have a significant competitive advantage, enabling them to recover faster and chase growth. Benefits of improved efficiency, productivity, security, agility, and customer advantage can be channeled by those willing to combine their corporate and digital strategies.

IT Matters

If this past year has shown us anything, it has shown us that IT matters today more than ever! In the face of uncertainty, a more robust IT infrastructure can help you sleep at night. And we are not typical IT. We pride ourselves in our white glove service, delivering premier IT solutions to you every day. Ultimately, we are invested in your success because you are the backbone of our community. You are our healthcare professionals, educators, legal and financial advisors, and small business owners. You are the innovators, and we’d love to partner with you.

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