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Atomic Data Offers ‘White Glove Service’ for All Things Cloud

June 29, 2020 Scott Evangelist

With a relationship with VMware that began shortly after the company’s inception, it’s no surprise that Atomic Data has a rapidly growing cloud services business. We recently connected with Atomic Data’s Marketing Communications Manager Scott Evangelist and Systems Architect Tim Grosshuesch to learn more about the company’s growth, what’s driving clients to the cloud, and why the private cloud is of crucial importance in an increasingly multi-cloud world.

“Atomic Data’s roots are deep with data center technology,” says Evangelist, a nine-year veteran of the company. “We started by renting space in shared colocation racks and since 2001 progressively added more than 200 products and services – all while providing on-demand access to a wide range of expert engineers at a fraction of the cost clients would pay to keep those same experts on staff. We’re unlike large Infrastructure-as-a-Service vendors who offer only limited and slow-moving support or smaller IT service providers who can’t offer the same depth of services or access to highly skilled personnel.”

Today Atomic Data operates five high-performance data centers. The Atomic Cloud®, its private cloud solution that enables clients to maintain compliance and peace of mind, is based on VMware vCloud technology.

“Housed in our SOC 3 attested data centers, our cloud solution is highly secure, highly available, and particularly well suited for those with the highest security and compliance needs,” Evangelist continues. “And we can deploy it in conjunction with the public or hybrid cloud implementations we conduct on behalf of our customers. We’ve also built in even more flexibility and included a self-service portal that enables clients to use the same VMware toolset they’re comfortable with.”

The Atomic Cloud is also offered as a fully managed VMware Cloud Verified service.  Enterprises can elect for the company’s engineers to take care of everything, from migration to data protection, 24 x 7 x 365.    

Atomic Data provides customers not only with the unique IT solutions they need to thrive, but also with the guidance needed to make the right decisions tomorrow. Its proprietary Orange Book, an audit and assessment service, is based on interviews, system scans, network mapping, and expert analysis.

“The Orange Book provides an overview of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure and offers a roadmap of the where the business currently is and where it wants to end up,” Grosshuesch explains. “Most importantly, it serves as a critical jumping-off point for prioritizing projects and identifying pain points. For many organizations it’s a particularly valuable asset for formulating IT and cloud strategy.”

Embracing the Cloud

Atomic Data’s cloud business is almost as diverse as its client base, which includes more than 600 companies. Its engineers work with organizations throughout their cloud journey, starting with assessment, followed by initial migrations, and ultimately progressing to multi-cloud deployments that involve everything from complete security-as-a-service solutions to the development of cloud-native applications. Still others work with Atomic Data to bridge the gap between legacy systems and the cloud.

“Now more than ever we’re having conversations about how to modernize legacy systems,” says Grosshuesch. “For example, one of our retail customers is using our cloud as they transition and modernize their ERP system. Because they must maintain warranty information in their older system for several more years, they need to keep it operational. With our cloud, they can turn it on as needed and are only billed for the hours it is running rather than having to maintain the entire system and associated hardware enterprise-wide.”

Grosshuesch notes that Atomic Data prides itself on offering “white glove services” that its clients can’t get from the largest cloud providers, including remote service desk support, an always in-operation network operations center, on-site services, and access to experts in many disciplines, including professional services and architecture, software development, automation, patch management, and many others. 

“These wrap-around services enable Atomic Data to serve as the single vendor for clients, consider the end-to-end IT picture when mapping out cloud strategy, and offer a level of support and issue ownership that is unrivaled in our market,” he says. “Instead of simply coming in and selling a cloud solution, we’re able to evaluate the customer’s business and digital transformation goals, understand why these clouds exist or will exist and for whom, determine how their usage impacts IT budgeting, provide mentoring and migration services for legacy systems, deploy monitoring for the entire stack, and map out a holistic future-state system architecture that enables business growth.”   

Learn more about Atomic Data and its partnership with VMware here.

Originally published on, June 2020. Republished with permission from IDG.

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