The Ultimate Fan Experience: FCC Partners with Atomic Data

May 28, 2021 Scott Evangelist

When the FC Cincinnati team went to watch an MLS game at the Allianz Field in St. Paul, Minnesota, they couldn’t help but notice the impressive technology solutions implemented throughout the stadium. “[We] experienced something that aligned with where we wanted to go,” said Meg Ryan, chief marketing officer for Cincinnati’s MLS franchise. Most impressive was the mobile-first strategy that Atomic Data utilized at Allianz Field. Atomic Data installed 480 wireless access points so the Wi-Fi could serve 20,000 visitors simultaneously. Chris Wright, CEO of MNUFC is proud to say that Atomic Data designed their Wi-Fi to be the most robust anywhere found within Major League Soccer. Atomic Data’s relentless commitment to offer premier IT services made FC Cincinnati want to partner with them.

FC Cincinnati had a vision for their new TQL Stadium — an innovative and frictionless approach to technology that would give their fans an experience they could never forget. To achieve this, Atomic Data signed on as their technology owner’s representative. Amidst the pandemic, Atomic Data assisted FC Cincinnati throughout their technology deployments in choosing key infrastructure providers, designing infrastructure, and establishing comprehensive network operations.

Atomic Data’s Game Day Dashboard™ enabled FC Cincinnati leadership and operations staff to monitor TQL Stadium’s tech in real-time.

Atomic Data’s relationship with FC Cincinnati evolved from owner’s representative to technology integrator. Meg Ryan commented, “When something is working, adding a new partner [as integrator] is not always the best solution. Atomic Data really helped us make our ideas happen, and we started asking how [to] maximize the relationship.” Technology integration for the TQL stadium included installing 650 APs, supporting the Wi-Fi 6 protocol. Additionally, Atomic Data designed in extra Wi-Fi coverage at the entrance of the stadium with pedestals instead of hand scanners. This will be nice for people who want a contact free and cashless interaction.

One of the most exciting products that Atomic Data developed for FC Cincinnati was a Game Day Dashboard™ which allows owners and operators to analyze their venue assessment in real time on their mobile devices. The application consolidates data from multiple sources into one elegant interface.

Going forward, Atomic Data will serve as FC Cincinnati’s vCIO, continuing to offer advanced technology assessments and strategy. Atomic Data will also provide 24×7 remote support and offer a variety of managed services relating to compliance, infrastructure, and server management.

“Atomic Data has been an instrumental, irreplaceable member of our stadium team. They are a trustworthy strategic partner, bring an ownership mindset, and are tireless in representing our interests.”

– Dennis Carroll, Chief Operating Officer at FC Cincinnati


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