The Malware Pandemic

March 18, 2022 Scott Evangelist

As Gene Rebeck from Twin Cities Business Magazine reports, cyberattacks are spreading and becoming disasters of pandemic proportions more than ever. The small Minnesota town of Lewiston, for example, was recently hit with a malware attack that prevented city workers from accessing their IT network. Lewiston paid $60,000 to release network data, but that wasn’t enough; the attackers soon demanded another $120,000 dollars.

And the town of Lewiston isn’t alone. Cyber experts have seen a rise in zero-day exploits and Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) affecting businesses worldwide. The recent Log4j zero-day vulnerability proved that when millions of companies scrambled to patch the flaw, characterized by Tenable as “the single biggest, most critical vulnerability of the last decade.”

With these growing attacks, how do businesses defend themselves? Read “The Malware Pandemic” to find out. Featured in this article is Atomic Data’s Chief Legal Officer Mark Abbott and others, who give advice on cutting edge tools and services designed to help you fight back in the cyber war.

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