REBUILDminnesota Mentoring Independent Pharmacy on Lake Street

October 09, 2020 Scott Evangelist

The non-profit arm of Atomic Data shares an update to on its mentoring efforts with businesses in the Lake Street Minneapolis area.

Less than a year after opening one of just 65 metro-area independent pharmacies, Elias Usso surveyed the half a million dollars in damages to his Seward Pharmacy on Lake Street.

The stolen inventory, shattered glass, and smoke-stained interior devastated his business. Combined with the pandemic onslaught and an uphill battle against the decline of independent pharmacies nationwide, Seward Pharmacy faces significant challenges in rebuilding.

Through partnership with Lake Street Council, has brought in a team of mentors, including representatives from United Health Care, to provide pro-bono support to Elias as he continues to rebuild, restock, and restore his business. The team is providing market research, business development, compounding, merchandising, and marketing support to not only help Elias reopen, but to expand his client-base and ensure that the Lake Street area continues to thrive long after media attention has shifted and donor dollars have dried up. has also awarded the Pharmacy a $5,000 grant to help restock the shelves with essential products.

Meanwhile, a team lead by Chef David Fhima is mentoring Pasterleria Gama, a family-owned bakery on Lake Street.  Updates on this work are coming soon.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? continues to develop a coalition of local business owners, subject matter experts, and volunteers to support businesses devastated by the riots and COVID. If you’d like to offer your time or subject matter expertise, please visit for more details.