Lifeworks: Atomic Data's Partner Since 2007

July 21, 2023 Jacob Kost

Written by Adrian Freeman

Since 2007, Atomic Data has maintained an unwavering partnership with Lifeworks Services. Atomic Data has advocated for Lifeworks by providing in-kind technology support and through donations, ensuring Lifeworks is able to continue their important work with people with disabilities.

Atomic Data first connected with Lifeworks through late co-founder, Jim Wolford, and his passion for the Lifeworks mission. A known philanthropist in the Twin Cities, Jim wanted to invest in Lifeworks any way he could – personally and through Atomic Data.

In 2008, Atomic Data began employing people with disabilities supported by Lifeworks. These employees have found integrated, community employment with natural supports within Atomic Data and have positively impacted the company and their coworkers. Atomic Data has committed to paying employees with disabilities at least minimum wage since partnering with Lifeworks – well before they stopped renewing their subminimum wage certificate.

Lifeworks clients learn technology skills in the Atomic Data Technology Center at Lifeworks Brooklyn Park

As information technology experts, Atomic Data has provided over sixteen years of in-kind bandwidth for Lifeworks’ technology labs at day support centers, allowing clients to learn and practice computer skills. Atomic Data also provides information technology support for all Lifeworks locations, ensuring their systems and infrastructure are safe, secure, and functioning.

Our company, stewarded by Jim Wolford’s philanthropic drive, has also significantly invested in Lifeworks and their mission. In 16 years of partnering, Atomic Data has helped raise over $750,000 for the Lifeworks mission and introduced 888 people to Lifeworks through their Annual Celebration.

Thank you, Lifeworks, for your dedication to disability inclusion and employment. Atomic Data is proud of the partnership we’ve built over the past 16 years.

Republished with permission from Lifeworks: