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October 04, 2019 Scott Evangelist

The “cloud” is old news. Operating in some form of private, public or hybrid cloud has become the norm. Businesses are either in the cloud or making plans to be in the cloud very soon. But, as we’ve seen recently (looking at you AWS), public clouds can be vulnerable to human error or, more nefariously, transformed into botnets for use in cyber-attacks (coughAzurecough). That’s not to say that private clouds are invulnerable to human error. But in a private cloud solution with geographic redundancy like The Atomic Cloud, the chances of a massive outage because of a storage restart in one region are slim.

The Atomic Cloud is built on VMware virtualization. VMware is the world leader in cloud infrastructure and automation software. Housed in our SOC 3® attested data centers, our cloud solution is highly secure and highly available. It is suited for those with the highest security and compliance needs—more than any public cloud provider can guarantee.

The Atomic Cloud is a fully managed solution from setup to disaster recovery. Meaning our experienced engineers will take care of everything and support your business 24x7x365.

“Migrating to The Atomic Cloud is a great cost saving maneuver.”

Cloud services are one of the best way to cut IT related capital expenditures. Cloud computing reduces the footprint and maintenance costs of keeping servers onsite. These items decrease labor costs while also allowing employees to work from anywhere with minimal configurations for an in-house IT team, allowing them to focus on the big picture. Atomic Data would be taking care of the details of cloud computing: patch management, resource allocation, data replication, disaster recovery. Our engineers vet all updates before rolling them out, too, limiting the need to roll back updates if things don’t coordinate well with your applications. All part of The Atomic Cloud managed service package.

Now, any public cloud can offer you these benefits, but the security of The Atomic Cloud can’t be beat. Application and database information doesn’t live on physical hardware kept by employees. Hardware gets lost and stolen, server components fail, office connectivity goes down, offices lose power, these are just things that happen. But when information is stored in The Atomic Cloud, it lives in that ether. Available at any time with infrastructure, and connectivity redundancies. Safe in the cloud.

Migrating to The Atomic Cloud is a great cost saving maneuver. We can save your company money in areas like hardware purchasing, labor cost, and utilities. With The Atomic Cloud we offer monthly contracts—enabling organizations to utilize OpEx rather than CapEx to use our state of the art hardware instead of purchasing and installing new hardware. And with utilization based billing, you only pay for what you use.

Our cloud evolves, too. We hear what our clients say and do our best to improve our offerings to suit their needs. Something we’re currently working on is a cold storage state, maintaining the space required for data but lowering costs by not actively using the data or applications. This makes it easier to utilize the cloud on a seasonal basis, for example during the school year vs summer for potential clients in the education sector.

Being part of the Atomic Cloud affords clients access to a myriad of add-ons to enhance your virtual environment. All Atomic Cloud clients receive DDoS protection through our Corero SmartWall appliances. These devices detect and remove DDoS traffic at the network edge before impacting clients. As a Cisco partner, Atomic Data offers cloud clients dedicated firewall context for their own distinct security network. Our F5 load balancers can support your applications to deliver the highest performance and least utilization. Atomic Data has invested in these infrastructure additions to improve the cloud experience for everyone.

“If your business requires a private cloud solution to maintain compliance, pass audits, or just for peace of mind—The Atomic Cloud is for you.”

Your applications will be available when you need them most. We offer a highly available cloud solution in our SOC 3 attested, SOC 2 Type II attested data centers. The data center, in terms of power and connectivity, is massively redundant. We run a carrier neutral facility with a 10 gig inter-data center infrastructure and multi-homed BGP internet via four locations, eight ISPs, and the Midwest Internet Cooperative Exchange. In short, we have more connectivity than you’ll ever need and your applications, one way or another, will be available.

Everything is monitored by enterprise-grade monitoring tools like Zenoss and Opsview. Connectivity, virtual servers, physical security, temperature, water pressure—everything. The 24×7 NOC keeps watch of internal and client systems. They will know of any issue before the client does and, more often than not, will have connectivity or virtual server issues mitigated before a degradation of service is noticed. On top of that, our data center can run 20 days off the central business district power grid. We’ve got a massive diesel generator with two 12,000 gallon reserve fuel tanks. Combined with multiple uninterruptible power supplies fueling the data center with automatic failover, our data center will almost never lose power.Atomic Data’s SOC 3 attestation means that we uphold the highest standards of security and availability as determined by the American Institute of CPAs. Our SOC 3 report is available on our website. It outlines the processes and policies we implement in order to gain and maintain the trust of our clients by keeping their information as safe and available as possible.

If your business requires a private cloud solution to maintain compliance, pass audits, or just for peace of mind—The Atomic Cloud is for you. Take advantage of our fully managed solution, we’ll be more than happy to help you migrate to our highly available and secure virtualization solution.

Interested? Contact us today and we’ll help you get your head in The Atomic Cloud.