Game Day Dashboard

August 08, 2022 Scott Evangelist

Your venue, at hand.

Bringing you key venue performance data at your fingertips.

The Game Day Dashboard™, by Atomic Data®, is a monitoring dashboard that displays a selection of technology metrics within a sports stadium or large entertainment venue. Instead of logging into a dozen different systems and digging through logs, terminal windows, and other data sources, use the Game Day Dashboard to see the following metrics in a single application:

• Ticketing: Number of ticket scans, value of tickets scanned, ticket scans over time

• Concessions Point of Sale insights: Number of transactions, value of transactions, transactions over time

• In-Seat Ordering: Orders placed, orders completed, orders failed, orders in-progress

• WiFi: Number of devices connected, device type breakdown, authentication method, connected devices by venue location, connections over time

More metrics are coming soon!

NOTE: Use of this application requires a Monitoring contract with Game Day Technologies and/or Atomic Data, LLC.

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