COVID-19 Preparedness Update

March 25, 2020 Scott Evangelist

As your IT service provider, we know exactly how critical technology is to the operation of your business. This is not a responsibility we take lightly.  That’s why we wanted to take a moment to update you on the steps we’ve taken to ensure continued service availability and support in the face of the continually evolving COVID-19 threat.


The just announced ‘stay at home’ order from the state of Minnesota has forced us to progress to the next stage in our Infectious Disease Emergency Response Plan. As we continue to adapt our operations to follow government mandated protocols and keep staff and clients safe, understand that our ability to support your business will not waiver. All of our Service Staff will continue to be available to you. Our teams, designated as Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers by the Department of Homeland Security, remain at full-staff and maintain freedom of movement throughout the area. We will continue to provide services and maintain client networks with the same level of responsiveness and ownership you’ve come to expect. This remains true no matter how long the lockdown is in effect.

The following actions/changes are being implemented immediately:

  • Visits to the Atomic Data offices are cancelled indefinitely, although client access to data center facilities will not be changing.
  • All Atomic Data staff who have the ability to work remotely are directed to do so indefinitely.
    • Confidentiality, security, and availability remain top priorities regardless of where we operate from.
  • A small team of Network Operations Center technicians, engineers, and leadership staff will remain at Atomic Data headquarters throughout the lockdown to lead monitoring efforts and manage the data center.
  • All engineering staff are being put into the on-call rotation, ensuring company-wide access to every available technical resource.
  • Emergency maintenance activities will continue as needed. Lower priority maintenances will be postponed.
  • Client implementations will be carried out on as-needed basis.

We will continue to send updates as the situation progresses and our response changes, but do not hesitate to reply to this email or contact your Account Coordinator if you have any questions.

Thank you for the trust you place in us every day.


Now that community spread of the coronavirus has been confirmed and our nation implements further social isolation measures, Atomic Data has advanced to the next stage of our Infectious Disease Emergency Response Plan. This stage brings new measures intended to add yet another layer of protection for our clients as well as our most vulnerable staff members. Though these measures reflect a change in our preferred face-to-face approach to business, our ability to provide 24x7x365 support, monitoring, and management of your technology has not and will not change. The following measures are effective today, March 16, until further notice:

  • Account Coordinators and Project Managers will temporarily cease in-person visits to client sites and transition all communications to email, telephone, and Zoom video conferences.
  • Solutions Consultants and Sales Representatives will similarly cease in-person visits to client sites, prospect sites, conferences, trade shows, and other professional gatherings.
  • Professional Services Engineers, On-Site Engineers/Technicians, Embedded Technicians, and Network Engineers will go to client sites on an as-needed basis, opting to provide remote assistance through Kaseya, Zoom, and other tools whenever possible.
  • Atomic Data employees with underlying health conditions and those with roles that are readily performed remotely will now be working from home full-time.

We understand that as the situation evolves and your operations adapt, new technological challenges may arise. From CEO to receptionist, all of us stand ready to help you overcome these challenges so you can continue to operate your business. Regardless of the uncertainty and turmoil, we’re here for you 24x7x365.


The Atomic Data network and all of our services were built with maximum availability in mind. To that end, rest assured that:

  • Service Desk and NOC shifts will continue to operate 24×7, providing the same level of support and visibility you’ve come to expect no matter where you are or how you contact us
  • The Network Operations Center is on high-alert and will continue to follow standard War Room procedures in the event of client outages or incidents
  • As more of our clients shift to a remote workforce, our VPN service is designed to handle the increase in usage
  • Our telephone systems are also designed to accommodate a substantial increase in inbound calling
  • We utilize geographic isolation to provide fail-over and disaster recovery of our network infrastructure and services
  • We’re coordinating with facilities management to ensure appropriate access to client hardware within our data centers
  • Our emergency notification system will rapidly notify clients and staff of major incidents, outages, changes in guidance from the authorities, etc.  

We’ve also taken many steps to protect our clients and staff from exposure to the COVID-19 virus. They include:

  • Implementing a multi-level work from home policy, ensuring those that can are limiting their exposure to the general public
  • Dividing the work force into rotating, work from home shifts to avoid cross contamination of teams
  • Limiting all in-person meetings and interviews in favor of Zoom video conferencing
  • Prioritizing On-Site client visits based on issue severity and operational impact, preforming service remotely whenever feasible
  • Appointment of a Situation Manager to execute our Infectious Disease Emergency Response Preparedness Plan (IDEPP)
  • Increasing frequency and intensity of our in-office cleaning procedures, including pre and post shift cleaning for all workspaces
  • Continually encouraging proper hygiene, food handling practices, and distancing techniques in and outside of the workplace
  • Encouraging all staff with symptoms or underlying health issues to stay home
  • Providing managerial and human resources assistance to those that need to stay home

We know we must earn your trust on a daily basis, especially in times of disruption. All of us at Atomic Data are fully committed not only to preventing the spread of the virus, but to maintaining your ability to do business.