Atomic Data Ranked as Top 10 Cisco® Service Company

February 03, 2020 Scott Evangelist

As ranked by Enterprise Networking Magazine, December 2019.

Atomic Data collaborates closely with Cisco and other partners such as Dell and Microsoft in the entire management of public spaces including arenas, museums, and even zoos. With technology as the forerunner of its solutions, the company goes ahead to architect and design solutions for clients and offers seamless backend IT solutions for any and all events, to ultimately provide visitors with a memorable experience. Several vendors such as software vendors, point of sales vendors, and visual and screen vendors are brought together into one platform. Atomic Data is also capable of building redundant, secure circuits and networking within a venue to provide connectivity to a wide variety of devices and end-points, including point-of-sale, ticketing, IoT devices, and more. The company walks the clients through by building and implementing its solutions, or works in collaboration with partners of the clients, or just performs the architecture of the system, depending on its clients’ requirements.

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