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For the past several years, the number one priority for enterprise CTOs has been increased use of the cloud and server virtualization. Despite the operational/capital cost savings, greater hardware utilization, reduced carbon footprint, and improved disaster recovery capabilities provided by virtualization, many CTOs have yet to commit. As a VMware partner, Atomic Data can answer your questions, plan your environment, and offer your business a safe, simple, and smart server virtualization solution no matter the size or needs of your business.

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When it comes to cloud computing, everyone seems to have a different view.

It can be pretty overwhelming. Together with VMware, the global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, Atomic Data would like to help. We’re here to cover the important topics, provide the latest research and answer all your questions. And when you’re ready, we’ll help you build the perfect cloud solution, one that leverages your existing IT resources and aligns seamlessly with the specific needs of your enterprise. So, ask away and let’s get started with your cloud. 

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