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Storage is the number-one line item in most IT budgets. Stop wasting time, money and valuable resources and get the best the industry has to offer. By harnessing the power of NetApp storage you will experience scalability, availability, and flexibility for even your most demanding applications. Start relying on it for your ever-changing virtualized and cloud environments. NetApp storage can handle today’s diverse, virtualized workloads and easily respond to future expansion.

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With NetApp storage your business can reap the full rewards of going further, faster.
Have the performance and scalability for your virtualized, cloud, and technical computing challenges that you need for your business.
Benefit from the availability and proven NetApp® reliability for your mission-critical applications.
Flexibly expand with adaptable storage for your evolving data center.
Built on the NetApp unified storage architecture with leading storage efficiencies.
Satisfy demanding business and technical applications through the performance and capacity of our storage platforms, ideal for cloud and virtualized environments.
Save power, cooling, and floor space with comprehensive storage efficiency features.

When it comes to managing your data we have you covered with Atomic Data’s NetApp Solutions. Whether it is data storage, replicated backups, or convenient NetApp rentals, we have the right solution that will fit your business.

NetApp SAN

NetApp SAN does more for business with its increased efficiency without any loss of performance or availability. Data systems are growing and budgets are shrinking. NetApp SAN lets businesses meet their stringent performance and availability requirements without breaking their budget. Maximize utilization, optimize storage space, and reduce duplicate data with NetApp SAN.

NetApp Data Replication

Disaster recovery and rapid failover are essential when time is money. With Atomic Data’s NetApp SAN replication service, your data (including snapshots) will be compressed, de-duplicated, and mirrored in our secure infrastructure to provide high availability with reduced data storage and transmission costs.

NetApp Condo

Atomic’s NetApp Condo solution is designed for owners of existing NetApp SANs that require data mirroring off-site. Instead of purchasing another NetApp, you can save thousands of dollars a year and reduce overhead.


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