Employees are bringing more and more personal phones and tablets in the workplace, and usually under the IT department's radar.

There's a lot of confusion these days when it comes to the cloud. Public? Private? Hybrid?

iPads have finally become integrated into business and it is important for organizations to utilize this new tool to their advantage while keeping their network secure.

Atomic Data CEO Jim Wolford discusses how Apple and Microsoft can live in harmony on one network while saving businesses money. 

Cloud computing has a ton of benefits for business but it is important to understand the risks and how to alleviate them.

With increasing reliablity with electronic solutions, data loss is rising but Atomic Data's Black Box offers businesses a cost effective and beneficial solution to preventing data loss.

Atomic Data understands that organizations have all sorts of responsibilities and not enough time in the day to handle IT issues so we take over the issues and maintenance surrounding IT services t

Managed offsite data storage and colocation have become wildly popular in the last several years because of the cost saving benefits to business.

Atomic Data CEO Jim Wolford discusses how businesses can combat the risks of cloud computing by moving to a more secure and reliable platform for their data and network, the private cloud.

In recent years businesses have cut annual technology planning from the budget but Atomic Data CEO Jim Wolford describes how the Orangebook take a complete look at budget, infrastructure, and goals