To request assistance from the Service Desk or Network Operations Center (NOC), please use one of the following contact methods:

Please note that only authorized contacts can request billable work from the Service Desk or NOC. 

The Service Desk can help you via email, phone, and/or remote assistance. Our Service Desk technicians are proficient at assisting users with step-by-step troubleshooting over email or a phone call, but can also remotely connect to your computer to dig into exactly what's going wrong.

Atomic Data provides a Client Contact Portal for quick and easy updates to account contact information.  To update the contacts on the account, you must be listed as an account administrator.  Using your Autotask username and password, login to . If you do not have a login or are not sure, please contact the Service Desk at 612.466.2020. 

Instructions apply only to Hosted Exchange clients.

How to change your Hosted Exchange password using Outlook Web Access (OWA)

1.       Log into OWA:

2.       Click on the Options button (top right hand corner of the window)

3.       On the left side menu, select Change Password

4.       When prompted, enter your current password in the 'Old Password' box.

5.       Enter your new password twice

6.       Click the Save button at the top of the window.

7.       Remember to update the stored password on your mobile phone or other devices.

If you require further assistance, please contact the Atomic Data Service Desk at 612-466-2000. 

Taking some time off? Setting an Out of Office reply message to your account will let those who email you during that period know you will be unavailable. Here's how to enable an Out of Office reply in the current versions of Outlook:

Windows: In the upper left-hand corner of your Outlook window click "File." Then select "Info." Click "Automatic Replies (Out of Office)." In the dialog box that appears, select the "Send Automatic Replies" checkbox. Then, write your message in the box under "Reply once to each sender with:". You can also select the dates and time periods you wish the message to be sent. When you are finished click "OK.

Mac: In the bottom left-hand corner of your Outlook window, click "Mail." In the top left-hand corner select the "Tools" tab. Next, select "Out of Office." Check "Send automatic replies for account." Then, write your message in the box under "Reply once to each sender with:" You can also select the dates and time periods you wish the message to be sent. When you are finished click "OK."

If you see legitimate (non-spam) correspondence in your daily (or hourly) spam quarantine digest, you can request that a whitelist be created so certain senders never get flagged as potential spam in the future. 

To request a white list, please contact the Atomic Data Network Operations Center at or 612-466-2000.

A full local disk on your machine can affect your computer's performance. Here are a few things you can do to free up space.

  1. Empty your Recycle Bin! Deleting items does not immediately remove them from your computer's hard drive. Right-click the Recycle Bin and permanently delete the files. 
  2. Uninstall old programs. Weed through your list of programs/applications. If there's a program on your computer that you rarely use or haven't used in years, why keep it installed? Free up that space.
  3. Archive old files. Backing up your files is a great idea all the time but, if you don’t need the files on your local machine, save them to an external device for safe keeping while freeing up space on your drive.

With thousands of clients and over a decade of experience, we know that one size rarely fits all.  That's why we work with you to understand your business, then create custom IT solutions that meet your needs. 

Atomic Data maintains SOC 3 Certified facilities with several layers of physical and logical security at our data centers. Click here to learn more about each of our data centers.

Network Operations Center (NOC) is the first line of defense against a myriad of network and system issues. The NOC is staffed 24x7x365 to monitor our customers network and system infrastructures. Whether it’s a power outage, internet outage or a distributed denial of service attack, our NOC technicians are always watching and trained to take the proper actions to mitigate the issue.

Apple's enterprise presence is exploding. Together with our sister company The Foundation, we specialize in secure iPad deployments as well as other Apple products and have certified engineers available to assist with any Apple related issue

Visit our Careers page to view current open positions and submit your resume and cover letter.

Every business and organization is unique. That's why we utilize Orange Book technology and asset assessments which provide us insight into your business and enable us to tailor infrastructure and services to suit your needs.

Atomic Data operates 24 x 7 x 365. Technical support calls are always answered by a live, Minneapolis-based technician, no matter the time, with direct on-call escalation paths to our certified engineers.

Call our main office line at 612-466-2000 or toll free at 1-800-285-5179 to reach us and hear more about how our products and services can benefit your organization.

The Atomic Data Service Desk is available 24 x 7 x 365 to answer questions and solve your technology problems. For assistance give them a call at 612-466-2000 or toll free at 1-800-285-5179.

Atomic Data Service Desk technicians are skilled, experienced troubleshooters and critical thinkers that are ready to tackle any hardware or software issues you may have. Whether you’re working with a PC or Mac the Service Desk technicians will help diagnose your issues. On top of a working knowledge of common Microsoft Office suite issues, they regularly troubleshoot Exchange and email clients. Our technicians are also very familiar with remote environments like Remote Desktop and Citrix as well as VPN products.

Our offices are located at 250 Marquette Ave S, Suite 225, Minneapolis MN 55401.  Additional remote offices include San Diego, New York, and Los Angeles. We also operate nine data centers worldwide. Learn more about all of our data center locations here.