I’m sure there are still those of us who remember having to get up off the couch, walk across the room, and turn the dial on the black and white TV to the next station then have to adjust the antenna and walk back to the couch. This annoyance led to the development of push buttons to adjust sound and channel and eventually the TV remote made its way into our homes so we might all enjoy the comfort of our La-Z-Boy. Much like inconvenience and annoyance of having to get up to change the volume and channel on a TV, so too is waking up in the middle of the night to drive downtown and restart a server in the middle of the night. Server management needed its TV remote solution. Remote management of your server and all work machines is not just a nice thought on future technology, its actually happening right now!

Nowadays there is a plethora of software that can monitor everything including services running on your PC or server, your disk space, and even ISP circuits and networking equipment. In fact, nearly anything that has a network connection and software running can theoretically be monitored. All you need is a client installed on a machine that reports back to a central website, server, personal device or even an email sent to the owner to inform of an outage and what steps to take.

We make good use of this technology here at Atomic Data. Our Service Desk can use this software to determine when and why a customer’s device is having problems. We can then remote access the server and fix it before the issue affects end users. In severe cases where a server has become completely un-usable, a backup copy can be reloaded and reconfigured to a virtual machine and is back online within hours of the server failure. In the past similar issues would have a company down for the better part of a week. With the help of this software our customers and their businesses stay online instead of losing money daily with a downed server and, in the long run, a small monthly fee for remote management saves our customers thousands of dollars a month rather than having to pay per blocked hour of work when an issue does arise.

Remote management of your servers is the future of server monitoring and it is here now.

Benjamin Carlson

Atomic Help Desk Support Specialist