Late last week, researchers released documentation detailing serious vulnerabilities in nearly all modern central processing units (CPUs). CPUs from Intel, AMD, and ARM are affected by one, if not both vulnerabilities. The bugs are in processors’ architecture—the way transistors and logic units work together to carry out instructions. Named Meltdown and Spectre, these exploits circumvent protections that prevent raw data from being observed by other processes and applications. This means that nearly all data processed, such as passwords and other sensitive information, may be exposed.

All Atomic Cloud Hypervisors have been patched during an emergency maintenance window. In addition, Atomic Data has pushed the Microsoft security patch to all managed devices and it will be installed on the next update cycle. All Linux systems patched by Atomic Data will receive any available patches during the next patching window.

Atomic Data Account Managers are proactively working with clients to mitigate the vulnerabilities for on-premises servers, colocation servers, and workstations. For clients that do not utilize Atomic Data’s management, we recommend updating workstations and servers with the latest security patches as soon as possible. 

Security is of the utmost importance to Atomic Data and we will continue to monitor these vulnerabilities and update clients with any necessary information. If you have any questions about Meltdown and Spectre or want to be Safe. Simple. Smart® with Atomic Data, click the link below.

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