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Why Atomic Data implements Splunk 4.1
Splunk 4.1, provides the unique ability for users to search, monitor and analyze in real time streaming IT data as well as terabytes of historical data, all from the same interface, delivering the best of both worlds for IT data management. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what industry analysts are saying about the newest Splunk release.

The 451 Group
“Splunk is delivering a powerful way for organizations to manage dynamic IT environments and identify data patterns, thwart security
breaches, and correlate information across massive data sets, using live streaming data. Real-time IT Search allows organizations to gain
immediate visibility into all of their IT infrastructure data and deliver visibility and meaning to all layers of the organization.”

Rachel Chalmers, Research Director

Internet Research Group
“Log files have always represented a rich set of operational data. Now, as enterprise applications grow increasingly customer-facing, log analysis
becomes an increasingly valuable business and security tool as well. Splunk’s ability to search, report and create dashboards on live streaming log data as well as on large log archives emphasizes what a valuable tool this can be. The best is clearly yet to come in this exciting and emerging area.”

Peter Christy, Principal

Ventana Research
“The integration of historical and real-time data available with Splunk 4.1 is spot on. This type of operational intelligence enables IT to empower the business to make better decisions.”
Mark Smith, CEO & Executive VP of Research

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)
"As with search technology in general, Splunk's high flexibility gives it a bright future. This flexibility also enables deeper insight into IT business performance and metrics data, empowering Business Intelligence for IT as an added benefit. The addition of real-time insight helps raise Splunk from a powerful data mining tool into the realm of event management in multiple IT domains (security, compliance, IT operations, application management), giving it a presence in these markets that will likely be felt."
Scott Crawford, Managing Research Director

Gartner, Inc.
“As the threat environment continues to evolve, risk reduction and mitigation require technologies that can monitor user activity and resource access in order to discover the weak signals of ever more stealthy and targeted attacks. The discovery and prevention of fraudulent activities requires a mathematically predictive and/or rule based alerting approach that monitors users, accounts, transactions and other defined entities for "abnormal" behavior and characteristics.”
Pattern Discovery With Security Monitoring and Fraud Detection
Technologies, Gartner, Inc., September 2009

Forrester Research, Inc.
“To provide the organization with an accurate business-centric view of its existing IT assets at any time, you need to introduce and integrate processes to provide this data. As many organizations already have existing processes and a great deal of data, IT organizations must understand how asset data is processed, controlled, and accounted for and develop an integrated process across the entire asset life cycle.”
IT Asset Life-Cycle Management, Q2 2009,” Forrester Research, Inc.