Sometimes there is a need for that one application that can't be run on a computer because the operating system is incompatible. This is where virtually accessing a PC has often come in handy, particularly for Mac users in a business or office environment. Remotely accessing a PC from a Mac through virtualization has been one of the only alternatives to using multiple desktops. That tide is now changing as Apple continues its integration as a legitimate business operating system. Recently VMware 5 introduced a new feature that, for the very first time, allows virtualization of Macs.

This update is one of 200 in VMware 5 and is a huge step forward in virtualization and computer compatibility. Apple has been offering more and more applications that businesses are utilizing to further their reach and interaction with consumers. Many of these applications have no PC counterpart, so running a virtual Mac on a PC operating system will allow access to these easily and cost effectively.

Running a virtual Mac also provides businesses with options. The ability to run a virtual Mac is not just a benefit for businesses that use a combination of operating systems, but also for those that want to securely offer virtual desktops to many of their employees at remote or temporary locations. Some businesses have already virtualize their entire network of desktops as a cheaper alternative to directly interacting with the host computer. Businesses that previously virtualized their entire PC network can now opt to include Mac systems and even businesses that wanted to virtualize in the past, but desired Macs, can now do so.

This update to VMware has enormous potential for businesses and enterprises. Atomic Data is going to be the very first data center in the state of Minnesota to offer VMware 5 with Mac virtualization.

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