You have files, documents, applications, and more with the question of what to do with all the data. In the past the issue was file systems, but today it is storage. For most organizations, storage represents a significant portion of the IT budget. By improving the efficiency of your storage environment, you can help boost overall IT efficiency. Just imagine the possibilities if you could reclaim time, money, and resources that are currently underutilized by simply looking at storage efficiency optimization through a new lens.

Suncorp, for instance, improved its storage efficiency, cut 30% out of its total IT budget, and applied its savings to new projects. By transforming its IT environment, Suncorp sparked a companywide cultural transformation and turned its IT from a cost center into an innovation hub. (NetApp)

We choose our partners wisely. NetApp offers one of the most complete portfolios of sustained efficiency solutions, technologies, and features that provide a more efficient storage environment. Our NetApp solutions provide enterprise technology with a powerful storage platform at a cost that is scalable even for small and medium sized businesses, giving you the flexibility for growth without draining your budget. With NetApp, you can improve storage utilization and optimization, store more data with fewer systems, use less space and power, and lower your operational costs—all while maintaining or even boosting IT performance.

Does efficient storage sound impossible? It's not with Atomic Data and NetApp. Between Atomic Data’s support and NetApp’s hardware and software, you can start having the storage for your data that you have always wanted. With our NetApp FAS2000, 3000 and 6000 series (and the StoreVault S550) hardware options, your business will benefit from the best in network storage capabilities, with enterprise-class reliability, simplicity of management and rapid backup and restore times. You can also achieve top performance and outstanding cost efficiency for your business with our NetApp Software Solutions. Nonstop availability and the best in the industry for storage and data management will position your company for success.

NetApp Hardware Product Line:

  • StoreVault S550
  • FAS2020
  • FAS2050
  • FAS3020
  • FAS3040
  • FAS3070
  • FAS6040
  • FAS6080

We offer the following storage array, host and management software solutions:

  • Data ONTAP 7G
  • FlexVol
  • RAID DP (Dual Party)
  • FlexShare
  • Snapshot
  • SnapRestore
  • FlexClone
  • SnapVault
  • SnapMirror
  • SnapLock and LockVault
  • NearStore
  • SnapDrive
  • SnapManager
  • Open System SnapVault (OSSV)
  • MultiPath I/O
  • Operations Manager
  • Data Protection Manager

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