According to a 2007 Google study on the failure trends of hard disks, “over 90% of all new information produced in the world is being stored on magnetic media, most of it on hard disk drives” (Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population, FAST 07). As the cost of drives has come down and capacity has gone exponentially upwards, so too has the IT industry’s reliance on magnetic media, specifically hard drives. This reliance on a media prone to failure and subject to disaster has helped create a need for robust, automatic, off and on-site backup solutions. Whether you’re an IT administrator for a Fortune 500 company, or a general manager of a local beauty salon with one location, the need to back up your data safely and securely is the same.

Like it or not, hard drives fail. Rivers will flood, tornadoes will touch down, fires will rage, thieves will steal, electrical substations will break down, and the earth will continue to quake. The question isn’t if, but when. And so the next question you must ask yourself is, what do you have in place to prevent a catastrophic loss of time, money, productivity, intellectual property, and irreplaceable data? With the vast array of varying backup methods (and costs) available today, there is no acceptable excuse for not having a procedure in place to safeguard your often confidential and always valuable corporate and personal data.

The ever falling price per gigabyte of online storage space along with the increasing availability of bandwidth nationwide has made off site backup into the ‘cloud’ readily available to the masses. Users once backing up to DVDs, external hard drives, or another computer now have the option to automatically send to and store their data in secure, encrypted redundant, enterprise class off site data centers designed specifically to keep your data safe. CrashPlan, one of Atomic Data’s backup services, offers exactly that.

The CrashPlan client application is a multi platform one, compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux workstations and servers. The client, which runs in the background, can be configured for timed backups, custom network and CPU usage, specific file ex/inclusions, and versioning. Once your backup is complete, the client will continually update your data when files are added, removed or revised. Atomic’s technicians on the 24 x 7 Service Desk monitor server status at all times to ensure your backup is always up to date.

The peace of mind and simplicity of the CrashPlan client application and the safety of Atomic's servers and monitoring equal a smart decision when choosing a data backup solution; a decision that will pay dividends when the next disaster or hard disk failure strikes.

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Scott Evangelist

Atomic Service Desk Support Specialist