Security is a number one concern for business. Whether it is keeping data safe on servers or protecting against viral attacks on computers, Atomic Data helps clients safeguard their business with Kaseya Antivirus.

What sets Kaseya Antivirus apart from stand-alone solutions is the embedded integration approach. Powered by the powerful Kaspersky Labs antivirus engine, Kaseya Antivirus for Windows workstations and servers provides complete endpoint protection from dangerous attacks and malicious software all managed from the central Kaseya web-based console.

The robust Kaseya VSA framework and agent technology enable a Single Pane of Glass methodology for Administrators to configure and deploy Kaseya Network Antivirus across the network while providing real-time status updates and alerts to ensure maximum security.

Kaseya Antivirus embeds the industry leading Kaspersky Labs Anti-virus 6 for Windows workstation and for File Servers (MP4). All administrative tasks are managed within the Kaseya console. Kaspersky Labs provides industry leading malware and virus prevention, detection, and remediation including:

  • Real-time antivirus protection and on-demand scanning
  • Quick scanning of critical system areas
  • Prevention of malware epidemics
  • Automatic isolating infected computers
  • System recovery after infection
  • iSwift and iChecker technologies limit scanning to new and modified files only
  • Files shared on a file server are checked on the file server and not on the workstation increasing workstation performance
  • Selection of trusted processes
  • Load balancing and performance configuration
  • Compact updates
  • Device Control disabling and controlling external devices such as USB drives
  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Spyware features that block phishing attacks

Kaseya Antivirus provides a flexible interface for defining options for that can be applied to a single machine or group of computers. Windows servers and workstations have separate groups of profiles and configure the endpoints options including:

  • Launch at startup
  • Security level
  • Folder exclusions
  • Trusted Applications
  • Enabled Components
  • Updates Configuration

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