Websites can experience any amount of traffic, but what happens when there is too much? What happens to your service when your network or server is flooded with requests and data? Denial of Service (DoS) is such a problem when e-mail or websites do not function as usual. The denial is most often accidental but can be a legitimate, planned attack on your network. Malicious DoS attacks are still common against network devices and lately DoS attacks are specifically targeting applications. This trend is still growing.

Combining the power of Atomic Data and our partner F5, we can recognize these DoS attacks that are targeting both networks and applications and then block them. F5’s BIG-IP product family is specifically geared to help solve these issues. They increase Web application development performance by directing traffic to the most available resource. These DoS attacks and errors can be a thing of the past leaving your server and network running as they should, when you need them most.

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