Your data is growing, your budget is shrinking, and you still have to meet stringent performance and availability requirements. Find yourself having to do more with less? NetApp SAN storage solutions can help.

These days, it’s more important than ever to maximize utilization, optimize storage space, and reduce duplicate data. NetApp SAN storage area networks incorporate technologies such as thin provisioning, deduplication, Snapshot™, and FlexClone® to help you use all available disk space and avoid the vast majority of data duplication in the first place.

With NetApp SAN, you can enjoy all the benefits of more efficient SAN storage without sacrificing performance or availability—especially in the context of server virtualization, in which higher I/O rates, greater capacity, and faster provisioning are extremely demanding of storage systems. Choosing the right SAN storage vendor is particularly important. More and more customers choose NetApp SAN system for high performance, high productivity, and world-class SAN ecosystems and partnerships.

Best of all, NetApp storage solutions are protocol agnostic, so the features that deliver these benefits are available across all NetApp SAN and NAS solutions, whether FC, iSCSI, FCoE, or NFS and CIFS.

  • Award-winning SAN performance and availability: almost 35,000 customers
  • Increased SAN storage efficiency through thin provisioning and data deduplication: 50% or greater
  • Higher storage utilization can lead to lower total cost of ownership
  • Simplified management across heterogeneous environments
  • Benefits apply across all SAN protocols: FC, iSCSI, and FCoE as well as NAS protocols