Private clouds are about IT flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings. Maximize the benefits by building your private cloud with advanced storage and data management technologies from our partner, NetApp.

Around the world, enterprises of all types and sizes have transformed the promise of private cloud computing into breakthrough business results using technologies from NetApp. With a services delivery model, IT can offer services to its internal customers from a service catalog, automate processes, meter usage, create showback or chargeback models, and deliver services for greater cost savings, utilization, and efficiencies.

  • Accelerate time to market by up to 75%.
  • Reduce IT storage management costs by up to 66%.
  • Scale to accommodate service growth of up to 50%.
  • Automate and reduce resource provisioning from weeks to minutes.

Wherever your company is on its path to the cloud, NetApp and our other partners can provide the solutions you need. NetApp’s extensive ecosystem of industry-leading technology and Atomic Data’s management widens the expertise and choices available to you.

If your cloud strategy includes procuring cloud services from a service provider, such as for disaster recovery, our service provider partner program offers a broad selection of cloud services built on NetApp. Atomic Data can help you make your move to the cloud, whether building a private cloud , procuring cloud services, or both. Our expert engineers will help you design the path to cloud computing.

NetApp helps enable the delivery of IT as a service through a virtualized shared IT infrastructure, automation, and service efficiencies, providing a flexible and efficient IT infrastructure that will grow with your business. Combined with Atomic Data’s services and other partners, we can help you build a simple, safe, and smart IT. We understand that the path to a private cloud infrastructure is different for every company and have customizable solutions to fit your needs and budget. Our partnership with NetApp allows us to bring you the very best in data center technology for a scalable, managed infrastructure.

NetApp has the advanced storage and data management technologies you need for a private cloud computing architecture, including these core capabilities:

  • Unified architecture with the Data ONTAP® virtualized storage operating system, which supports multiple workloads on a single, scalable architecture.
  • Storage efficiency that can reduce capacity requirements for your private cloud and help reduce costs by up to 50% or more.
  • Secure multi-tenancy to segment, isolate, and deliver shared server, storage, and network resources to different groups, users, departments, or applications.
  • Service automation and analytics for automated storage provisioning, comprehensive visibility, monitoring, and proactive alerts of cloud infrastructure availability, performance, and policy compliance.
  • Nonstop operations enable transparent, continuous data availability for shared cloud storage resources in spite of workload changes and planned maintenance.
  • Integrated data protection to meet backup, disaster recovery, archiving, compliance, and security service-level agreements.
  • Scale up, down, and out in multiple dimensions: performance, capacity, and operations to meet the dynamic business demands of cloud computing.
  • Intelligent caching built in to gain the performance needed to meet SLAs.

Wherever you are on your path to the private cloud, Atomic Data has the products, partners like NetApp, and experience to get you there successfully. Give us a call at 612-466-2000.