Application delivery delays, inefficiencies, and failures can cost millions in terms of wasted budgets, damage to company reputation, system and application downtime, legal liability, and lost opportunities. Reduce your IT costs by developing and managing a flexible network infrastructure for your applications. An agile network requires an ever-changing data center model, where your applications are highly available and delivered quickly and securely.

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) is a system our Partner F5 offers that provides intelligent load balancing and traffic management as well as advanced application security, acceleration, and optimization. With the easy to manage BIG-IP LTM, you can simplify your system management, scale without disruption, and significantly reduce infrastructure operational costs.

Rapid deployment

BIG-IP LTM provides you with a greater visibility and control over the delivery of your applications. Applications can be deployed in hours rather than weeks. This is thanks to the way BIG-IP LTM manages application services rather than individual devices and objects.


Security should always be examined and with BIG-IP LTM, it is not a concern. F5 offers additional essential security capabilities including SSL acceleration and offload, network firewall services, DDoS protection, protocol security, cookie encryption, and customized application attack filtering.


BIG-IP LTM reduces traffic volumes and minimizes the effect of client connection bottlenecks as well as WAN, LAN, and Internet latency. Doing so provides a powerful solution for improving application performance and increasing the capacity of your existing infrastructure.

There is a difference between BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager and BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager. BIG-IP LTM performs load balancing across servers in a single data center. Do you want it to perform across multiple? Be sure to check out our section on BIG-IP GTM to see some of the differences.