Are you deploying multiple data centers for outages and application performance but there's not an intelligent way to route the user to the best site? While DNS can point a user to a data center, BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager (GTM) can automatically direct users to the closest or best-performing data center based on business policy, geolocation, and volume spikes (both legitimate and attacks).

Disaster recovery

When users try to access a data center that is overloaded or unreachable, BIG-IP GTM automatically and seamlessly directs them to a secondary data center. Users aren’t even aware of the switch. They could be accessing a data center at corporate headquarters, in another city, or on another continent. This capability makes BIG-IP GTM especially important for enterprises that need to maintain operations in the event of a natural disaster, power failure, DNS DDoS attack, or any other large-scale service disruption.

Application management

Distributed applications may rely on several web servers, application servers, and databases that work in tandem. BIG-IP GTM automates the process of tracking and managing interdependencies among individual application services, helping you achieve high availability, persistence, and maintenance for these applications. It eliminates the guesswork, errors, and inefficiencies related to manual management, so you have a holistic framework to manage all application services across multiple sites.

Global business criteria management

Global enterprises often have data centers spread throughout the world. So why send a user in Hong Kong to the Dallas data center when there is one in Singapore? BIG-IP GTM uses geolocation-based load balancing to inspect a user's IP address and determine the most efficient data center. The topology could be based on continent, country, ISP, or custom IP subnet level.

There is a difference between BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager and BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager. BIG-IP GTM uses topology-based load balancing to inspect a user's IP and determine the most efficient data center. Do you only need it to perform across servers in a single data center? Be sure to check out our section on BIG-IP LTM to see some of the differences.

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