Upon arrival at the Las Vegas International Airport on Sunday, it was quite apparent that VMware was in town.  VMware, EMC, Brocade and others were prominently displaying advertising throughout the Las Vegas Airport.  The conference is being held at the Venetian with approximately 18,000 individuals registered.  VMware will be demonstrating vSphere 5, the latest release of their core virtualization product which has a focus on creating Private, Public, and Hybrid clouds with a strong focus on automation and scalability.

Day One

Things are busy during the first day although many of the sessions will be repeated.  The Solution Exchange is available after the opening session with Paul Maritz, VMware CEO.  The technical sessions on troubleshooting have been excellent and led by top support engineers at VMware. They've been focusing on debugging methodology and common pitfalls within the storage and network stacks.

Our staff at VMworld are attending numerous technical and partner sessions.  This information will continue to shape the dynamic and growing Atomic Cloud.

Day Two

One of the greatest challenges small and medium businesses face when implementing vSphere is the need for shared storage, generally in the case of a SAN or NAS device, to perform vMotions and have HA functionality.  VMware CTO Dr. Stephen Herrod stated he has had these clients tell him they prefer to drink champagne but often only have a budget for beer.  Virtual Storage Appliances are not entirely new, but many add additional complexity to the already over-strained IT Administrator in this environment.  With vSphere 5, VMware has released their own Virtual Storage Appliance that is easy to use while providing a shared storage infrastructure for SMBs that are unable to justify the capital and operational expenses associated with a shared storage platform.  This appliance integrates into vCenter creating a seamless and simple shared storage device.

This approach allows SMB clients to use vMotion and HA while maintaining storage redundancy across hosts, saving significant capital and operational expenditures with a SAN implementation.  For more information, you can read the whitepaper on this on VMware's website.

Day Three

Our engineers have been spending numerous hours in the Hands-on Labs portion of VMworld, getting hands-on experience with all the newly released products including vSphere 5.0.  With approximately 500 seats, it is fairly easy to get into the labs, especially during the early morning and later evening hours.  The entire set up mimics a real world situation to experience first hand the products capabilities. Atomic will continue to leverage VMware products as our Cloud continues to grow.