Repost from the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal:

Tech company Atomic Data provides data hosting, management and other IT services. It had more than 49 percent revenue growth from 2014 to 2016 and neared $25 million in revenue last year.

We asked CEO and Co-owner Jim Wolford:

What’s been the biggest challenge managing a fast-growing company? We’ve encountered two major challenges as we continue to grow: finding qualified people in a highly competitive and tight job market, as well as maintaining the small-business culture that serves to draw the type of minds we want working at Atomic Data.

Has the jobs/skills gap impacted your company’s growth? To an extent, yes. Certain highly skilled positions are taking much longer to fill and are requiring ever-increasing compensation packages. For mid-level positions, we’re often able to promote and train internally, ensuring that these positions are going to a known and trusted individual who is familiar with the Atomic Data culture.

What went right last year? Businesses are increasingly paying attention to the multifaceted security threats they face. The more they pay attention and seek professional guidance coupled with highly secure systems, the more we stand to grow.

What is your No. 1 priority for the year ahead? Serving our clients! Helping them grow and meet their business/technical goals!

What scares you most about the year ahead? A continued lack of commitment, sense of urgency, and investment from our state and federal leaders regarding IT infrastructure and cybersecurity. This, coupled with the lack of education we are seeing throughout our entire society!

Growth rate: 49.44%

2014 revenue: $16,563,305

2015 revenue: $20,166,922

2016 revenue: $24,752,503

Top executives: Jim Wolford

Founded: 2001

Business: IT consulting firm

Employees at end of 2014: 96; now: 125

Source: Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal