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It is easy to get lost in the depths of Marquette Plaza. The lower levels are a maze of nondescript, unpainted walls and barely marked doors. Take a wrong turn on your way to the bathroom and you could end up in a dimly lit empty corridor, where the quiet squeak of your shoes against the smooth concrete floor is all you hear.

Dec 08, 2016
Posted by: Anders

There are no chairs for the children to sit on. There are no tables for the children to work on. The floor is a smooth, gray cement with a ragged carpet that covers a portion of the floor. There are book shelves. For the most part though, they hold dust—save for one book.

Oct 27, 2016
Posted by: Anders

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Employees are bringing more and more personal phones and tablets in the workplace, and usually under the IT department's radar.

There's a lot of confusion these days when it comes to the cloud. Public? Private? Hybrid?